Stake with Ogre Pool

Just like ogres and onions, we believe in layers - layers of rewards, layers of security, and layers of community spirit. With Ogre Pool, every stake you delegate is a step towards more rewards and a greener future.

Ditch the bore, embrace the roar. It's time to delegate with Ogre Pool.

Unpeel the Rewards
Stake your ADA with Ogre Pool and discover the potential layers of rewards waiting for you.
Swamp-Level Fees
Our fees? Lower than Donkey's IQ. We keep things honest and affordable so you can enjoy the spoils of your staking journey.
Join the Adventure
Be part of a fun-loving, Shrek-crazy community of Cardano enthusiasts. Whether you're here for the crypto or for the Shrek puns, we welcome you with open arms!
No Bullshrek
Transparency is our middle name, and we play fair. No Lord Farquaad antics here!